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The activity of Pavement Diagnostics Division covers analysis of such pavement technical parameters like bearing capacity, longitudinal and transverse evenness, anti–skid properties, pavement condition.

We issue expert appraisements and opinions based on the complex investigation of road network and road sections prepared for reconstruction. Pavement Diagnostics Division carries out research works in the following areas of road construction: materials used in pavement construction, structural design methods, road traffic safety.

In our work we apply modern research and analysis methods and profit from rich professional experience of the team.

1.   Pavement structural design

2.   Complex assessment of street pavement condition

3.   Complex assessment of road pavement condition

4.   Assessment of airport pavement condition

5.   Scientific supervision of measurements and data processing

6.   Evaluation of anti-skid properties of pavement

7.   Assessment of longitudinal and transverse evenness

8.   Assessment of pavement bearing capacity

9.   Visual assessment of pavement condition

10. Identification of pavement construction bases

11. Construction and service of SRT-3 measuring sets

12. FWD measuring sets service


Structure of Division

Pavement Diagnostic Laboratory

Pavement Diagnostic  Section