Division of Management Systems and Telematics Print


  •   Transport telematics

 -  Standarization in telematic
 -  Telematic transport systems design
 -  Communication systems
 -  Navigation systems in transport
 -  Geografical information systems
 -  Telematic education
 -  Telematic systems integration
 -  Road teledetection
 -  Road traffic information systems
 -  Weight in-motion systems
 -  Road weather monitoring and warning systems
 -  EU road telematic research programs and projects participation

  •      Transport Policy

-   National and regional transport policy
-   Coordination of urban policies: for sustainable transport and the land use
-   Urban mobility management
-   Transportation systems in a smart city
-   Reducing air pollution and transport GHG emissions
-   Autonomic road transport support systems

  •      Research works on summer and winter road maintenance
  •      Investigating materials used in the winter maintenance
  •      Technical approvals for the road safety equipment