Bridge, Concrete and Aggregate Research Center, Branch "Wroclaw" Print

The Centre, similarly as the Institute, is engaged in research and development works on the construction and maintenance of transportation infrastructure.

The Bridge, Concrete and Aggregate Research Centre comprises two laboratories:

 1.  The Bridge laboratory’s activities include:
 ·    testing of civil engineering structures in natural scale and scale models (bridges, culverts etc.), 
 ·    field tests on structures (static, dynamic and materials tests), 
 ·    the overall assessment of the condition, load capacity and durability of structures in service and methods of their   strengthening, 
  ·   testing of structures durability, taking into account materials fatigue and corrosion, covering elements of steel structures (field and technological splices, truss and other  joints) and the analysis of the effect of their damage on the load capacity of the whole structure,
   ·   development and testing of new bridge design including bridge construction, maintenance and implementation for wide use, 
  ·   implemental, theoretical and experimental research work, including its co-ordination on the computer Bridge Management System,
   ·   tests associated with the granting of Engineering Approvals.

  2. The activities of the Concrete and Aggregate Section include:

  ·   the total testing of concrete and aggregate and their certification for compliance with domestic and foreign standards,
  ·   research on the utilisation of industrial waste products in the road construction,
  ·   issuing of permits for the use of artificial aggregate in the road construction,
  ·   testing of rock raw materials and optimisation of technological processes of broken aggregate production, and supervision over the quality of aggregate produced in  processing plants,
   ·   testing of high-grade concrete produced through the use of additives or admixtures, or through the professional design of a concrete mixture composed of traditional materials.


Structure of Division

Bridge & Drainage Division 
Concrete & Aggregate Division