Geotechnics Division Print

Geotechnical research activities

-· innovative and research work, research consultancy in the field of geotechnical work on roads, railways and bridges, foundations and environmental engineering·
-· standardization, technical approvals and certification of new materials and products

The section has equipments for the testing of natural and anthropogenic soils as well as in-situ testing of soils and foundations

The specialists work on:
-· assessment of the quality of materials (soils, aggregates, geosynthetics) and· inspection of earth work as well as base courses and subgrades,
-· identification and proposal of usage of new materials and by-products and methods of improving their qualities,
-· application of special methods of foundations and soil stabilization,
-· technical consultancy, expertises and specialized inspections on road and foundation works in difficult terrains.



Structure of Division

Geotechnics Laboratory

Geotechnical Engineering Section