What is a European Technical Assessment (ETA)? Print

The European Technical Assessment (ETA) is a documented assessment of the performance of a construction product, in relation to its essential characteristics, in accordance with the respective European Assessment Document (EAD).
An ETA may be issued if the construction product:
•    is not covered, or is not fully covered by any harmonized technical specification (harmonized standard or an EAD),
•    is covered by an EAD.
The ETA is issued by a Technical Assessment Body, upon request of the manufacturer or its authorized representative based on the territory of the European Union.
The ETA shall include the following information:
•    general information about the manufacturer and the product type,
•    technical description of the product,
•    specification of the intended use(s) in accordance with the applicable EAD,
•    performance of the product and references to the methods used for its assessment,
•    assessment and verification of constancy of performance (AVCP) system applied, with reference to its legal base,
•    technical details necessary for the implementation of the AVCP system, as provided for in the applicable EAD.