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OPTIMISM – Optimising passenger Transport Information to Materialise Insights for Sustainable Mobility”

About the project:
OPTIMISM will develop strategies and methodologies for optimizing passenger transport systems based on co-modality ICT solutions. Towards this goal, the OPTIMISM project will consider passenger needs and the carbon-neutral objective.
OPTIMISM’s main scope is to provide a scientifically – documented insight into transport systems and people’s travel choices via the study of social behaviour, mobility patterns and business models. This insight will help to identify future changes in passenger travel systems that lead to more sustainable methods/mode(s) of travelling, by helping people travel in a more efficient, safer and cleaner way, without compromising mobility.

Optimism will carry out three main activities:
1. Identifying the gaps in travel behaviour data and harmonizing existing data.
2. Defining demand and supply factors that shape the transport system and mobility patterns.
3. Defining the potential decarbonisation of passenger transport system and ensuring their sustainability.

The OPTIMISM project aims to contribute to a more sustainable transport system in Europe by better understanding passenger transport behaviour. The specific objectives of OPTIMISM are to:
• Gather, analyze and harmonize national travel data statistics
• Identify and classify the key factors defining the demand for different passenger transport modes and types of travel
• Assess the impact of co-modality and ICT solutions for passenger transport, especially based on their decarbonization effect.
• Develop a modeling technique that will result in new and improved service offerings.
• Develop recommendations on strategies, technologies and methodologies for thye integration and optimization of the transport system for supporting the aim of sustainable mobility.

Expected results
The OPTIMISM project will propose a set of strategies, recommendations and policy measures through the scientific analysis of social behaviour, mobility patterns and business models, for the integration and optimization of the transport system.



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