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NO. 1/2002

Leszek Rafalski - Note from the publisher
Dariusz Alterman - Design studies of the Castle Bridge over Wisłok River in Rzeszów using a CAD system
Mirosław Graczyk, Józef Rafa - The structural model of pavement for analysis of wave phenomena in quasidynamic formulation
Czesław Machelski - Service load capacity of reinforced concrete rebuilt bridges
Jan Pachowski - Development of power by-products formation technology, their characteristics and possibilities of application in road construction technologies
Piotr Radziszewski, Maria Kalabińska, Jerzy Piłat - Estimation of road bitumen cohesion on the basis of ductility test in temperature function


NO. 2/2002

Władysław Gardziejczyk -Texture of road surfaces - methods of measurement, parameters evaluation and its influence on the tire/road noise
Stanisław Pisarczyk - Laboratory tests of suitability of synthetic and rubber wastes for the soils used for road embankments
Wacław Szcześniak, Magdalena Ataman, Artur Zbiciak - Vibration of elastic beam forced by linear one-mass moving oscillator
Adam Wysokowski, Aneta Pryga - Field investigation of the degree of corrosion of beams in steel bridges
Dariusz Załocha, Janusz Kasperkiewicz - Image analysis in evaluation of air-voids structure in air entrained concrete
Krzysztof Żółtowski - Static and dynamic behaviour of cable stayed pedestrian bridge in relation to different type of stay cables


NO. 3/2002

Michał A. Glinicki - Evaluation and design of fibre reinforced concrete using the equivalent flexural strength
Władysław Łakota, Wojciech Tomaka - Method of stress estimation in elements of a steel truss bridge
Czesław Machelski, Krzysztof Sadowski - Safety analysis of cantilever bridge span in respect to cracking
Andrzej S. Nowak, Aleksander Szwed - Evaluation of existing bridges using American procedure of field testing



NO. 4/2002

Andrzej Flaga, Jerzy Podgórski, Ewa Błazik-Borowa, Grzegorz Bosak, Jarosław Bęc - Aerodynamical analysis of the Third Millenium John Paul II cable-stayed bridge in Gdańsk
Zygmunt Jamroży - The problem of filling cables in prestressing tendons
Maria Kalabińska, Jerzy Piłat, Piotr Radziszewski - Influence of short and long term ageing process on properties of bitumens produced in Poland
Stefan Szwaj - Influence of rheological properties of soils upon their machine treatment
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