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NO. 1/2003

Jerzy Piłat - In memory of Professor Maria Kalabińska
Beata Gajewska, Stanisław Michał Czerniak - Pedestrian route seen by passers-by, also by the handicapped
Maciej Kruszyna, Antoni Szydło - Modelling of urban transport traffic flow on the separated lane between the junctions
Mieczysław Rybak, Marian Skawiński - Calculation of crossing ability of 14-axles lorries over bridges designed according to various standards
Elżbieta Walerian, Ryszard Janczur, Mieczysław Czechowicz - Effectiveness of acoustical screens against traffic noise in urban areas



NO. 2/2003

Zbigniew Giergiczny - Principles for classification of cements and their properties according to European Standards
Czesław Machelski, Grzegorz Antoniszyn - Internal forces in soil-steel bridge structures
Jerzy Odorowicz - Analysis of critical and supercritical state of compressed prismatic beam-columns of large slenderness
Grzegorz Prokopski - Changes of mechanical properties of ordinary and high performance concrete between 7-th and 90-th day of curing


NO. 3/2003

Leszek Rafalski - In memory of Professor Mieczysław Rybak
Juliusz Cieśla - Profile of Professor Mieczysław Rybak
Damian Bęben, Zbigniew Mańko - Static tests on road bridge made of steel corrugated plates
Andrzej M. Brandt - Material structures of cement - based composites
Marian Klasztorny - Dynamic analysis of composite beam bridges along Polish Highspeed Railway Line ”CMK” at conditions of increased train velocities of 160÷250 km/h
Piotr Olaszek, Marek Łagoda - Bridge construction monitoring during assembling


NO. 4/2003

Ewa Błazik-Borowa, Jerzy Podgórski, Tomasz Lipecki - Analysis of aerodynamic coefficients for bridge pylons using CFD metods
Sławomir Drewnowski, Witold Paleczek - Optimization of contour of concrete pavement slabs
Cezary Kraszewski, Jan Pachowski - Utilization of post - refinery oil sludge for soil stabilisation in road construction. Part I - Laboratory tests
Agnieszka Żurawicka - Thin bonded concrete overlays for strengthening of road pavements. Part I
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