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NO. 1/2005

Zbigniew Cywiński – International Merit of the American Society of Civil Engineers for the historic bridge in Tczew
Michał A. Glinicki – Analysis of flexural strength of concrete specified for road pavement
Tomasz Siwowski – Aluminium road bridges - past, present and future
Tomasz Szczuraszek, Jacek Chmielewski, Jan Kempa, Grzegorz Bebyn – Transportation behavior of people in city area
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NO. 2/2005

Aniela Glinicka - Experimental analysis of inelastic buckling of short  rectangular tubes
Marian Głażewski - Investigation of water erosion of slopes of soil structures
Lucjan Janas, Władysław Łakota - Analysis of posibilities of noise reduction in the vicinity of steel bridge and railway line
Czesław Machelski, Bernard Michalski – Deformations of soil-steel bridges

NO. 3/2005

Kazimierz Flaga - Personal impressions of my meetings with Pope John Paul II (invited paper)
Zbigniew Cywiński - On the Tczew „record” dimension among the Polish truss bridges of large spans
Czesław Machelski, Robert Toczkiewicz - Flexibility of a steel girder connection with a slab in composite bridges
Wojciech Radomski – Conditions for scientific development in civil engineering. Discussion paper
Stanisław M. Wierzbicki – Development of civil engineering or building engineering
Witold Wołowicki – Some remarks on the paper by Prof. W. Radomski

NO. 4/2005

Stanisław P. Glinicki – Elements of subsoil dynamics used in geotechnics
Grażyna Łagoda, Marek Łagoda – Strength analysis of masonry arch bridges
Krzysztof Zółtowski, Marek Szafrański – Analysis of rehabilitation possibilities of historical laticced arch bridges
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