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NO. 1/2007

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Waldemar Cyske, Izabela Kluska – Comparison of properties of selected binders for soil stabilization at A1 building site

Czesław Machelski, Robert Toczkiewicz – Rheological effects in composite beams with sandwich deck slab

Mieczysław Słowik, Przemysław Adamczak – Evaluation of short-term ageing influence on the properties of SBS elastomer modified road bitumens

Marek Zieliński – Influence of fluidized bed combustion fly ash on selected properties of mortar and concrete

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NO. 2/2007

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Krzysztof Gradkowski – Flexibility of layers of model subbase of pavement and strengthening effect with geotexstile. Part I

Karol J. Kowalski – Comparison between various accelerated pavement testing facilities

Stanisław Pisarczyk – The influence of the compaction energy on quality of compacted soils

Dariusz Sybilski, Tomasz Mechowski, Przemysław Harasim – Evaluation of effectiveness of use of FWD for assessment of pavement interlayer bond

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NO. 3/2007

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Adewole Adesiyun, Ton Maagdenberg, Monika Kowalska-Sudyka – Vision of european road infrastructure in 2040

Lesław Bichajło, Tadeusz Sandecki – The influence of design and equipment of the bridge with approaches on driver’s visual perception

Michał A.Glinicki, Agnieszka Litorowicz – Diagnostics of cracks in cement matrix composites using computer image analysis

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NO. 4/2007

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Marek Łagoda – Shear and peeling stresses in adhesive joints

Aleksandra Prokopska – Unity of form and construction in architecture of bridges

Dariusz Sybilski, Robert Mularzuk, Wojciech Bańkowski, Dominika Maliszewska, Maciej Maliszewski – High modulus asphalt concrete with local mineral aggregates

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