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NO. 1-2/2008

Damian Bęben, Zbigniew Mańko – Dynamic load tests of a shell-soil bridge made from corrugated plates

Mirosław Graczyk – Seasonal factors for the pavement roads in polish climate conditions

Wiktor Jasiński, Andrzej Barczuk – Alkali-silica reaction in concrete with natural aggregates from northern Poland

Andrzej Kobryń – Selection of the transition curve on the basis of dynamic criteria of driving

Czesław Machelski, Robert Toczkiewicz – Influence of bridge nonstructural elements on connection flexibility indices in steel-concrete girders

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NO. 3/2008

Andrzej Kobryń – New transition curve types for road design

Cezary Kraszewski – Analysis of frost resistance test results for hydraulically bound mixtures

Magdalena Mierzejewska, Stanisław Pisarczyk – Investigation of shear strength of clay-gravel, coarse-grained soils

Tomasz Siwowski – The application proposal of sustainable development rules for bridge modernisation

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NO. 4/2008

Krzysztof Gradkowski – Effect of strengthening of the ground subbase of road pavement by geotextiles - experimental investigation

Jan Król – New method of analysis of polymer modified bitumen microstructure

Ewelina Tkaczewska – Properties of cements containing various size fractions of siliceous fly ashes

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