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No. 1/2009

In memory of Stanisław Paweł Glinicki Ph.D., C.E.

Juliusz Cieśla, Mirosław Biskup, Marian Skawiński – Experimental analysis of stiffness of pre-tensioned concrete bridge beams

Marek Gawlicki – Applicability of blended cements and mineral additives in the production of concrete mix for precast manhole covers

Tomasz Szczuraszek – Prediction of the number of trips attracted to the city

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No. 2/2009

Marian Głażewski, Konrad Piechowicz – Construction and strengthening of road slopes

Alicja Sołowczuk – Modelling of the impact of selected road features on the free speed

Jacek Zygmunt, Grzegorz Prokopski – Properties of cement concretes modified by mechanically activated siliceous fly ash

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No. 3/2009

Zbigniew Czagowiec, Michał A. Glinicki, Piotr Kowalski – Evaluation of technical condition of concrete covers of cable manhole used in roads

Cezary Kraszewski – Strength characteristics of hydraulically bound aggregate mixtures in road construction

Rafał Maciaszek – The bridge over the Ina river - the history and the analysis of capacity

Krzysztof Sekuła, Robert Konowrocki, Tomasz Dębowski – Investigation of the new weight in motion system


No. 4/2009

Damian Bęben – European Ecological Network Natura 2000 and development of the transportation routes

Urszula Kołodziejczyk, Michał Ćwiąkała – Analysis of the results of model investigation of water capillary rise in road embankments

Robert Konowrocki – Analysis of lateral movement of railway track due to the passage of trains

Dominik Pisarski, Czesław Bajer – Active damping of vibrations of one dimensional continuum under a moving load

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