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No. 1/2010

Bartłomiej Dyniewicz, Czesław Bajer – Computer simulation of moving inertial loads

Bartłomiej Dyniewicz, Krzysztof Sekuła, Tomasz Dębowski – Dynamic measurements of the railway transportation using piezoelectric sensors

Jerzy Ejsmont, Grzegorz Ronowski – Simulation of vehicle noise during slow speed maneuvering - CP2009 Model

Sławomir Heller, Tomasz Mechowski, Przemysław Harasim – Application of diagnostics of pavement conditions for identification of dangerous places for road users

Lesław Kwaśniewski – Dynamic analysis of interaction between wheel and cover of precast concrete manhole


No. 2/2010

Mirosław Graczyk, Józef Rafa – Selected aspects of the behavior of flexible pavements in thermoviscoelasticity material models

Marcin Grygierek – Variability of elastic moduli of unbound layers of road pavements subjected to ravelling strains due to mining

Anna Leniak - Tomczyk, Grażyna Łagoda – Environmental determinants of road construction process in Poland

Czesław Machelski, Robert Toczkiewicz – Overloading coefficients of cantilever span support

Janusz Sobolewski – Design of geosynthetic reinforcements for earth structures in line with regulations of Eurocode 7


No. 3/2010

Aniela Glinicka, Magdalena Kruk – Experimental analysis of inelastic buckling of steel columns subjected to corrosion in the salt spray chamber

Daria Jóźwiak - Niedźwiedzka, Zbigniew Tucholski – Reinforced concrete viaduct from beginning of the 20th century - microstructure analysis of 100 years old concrete

Maria Marks – Application of machine learning to determine properties of concretes modified with addition of coal ash

Jan Matej – Dynamics of two-axle freight wagon with the UIC single-link suspension and forces exerted on the straight track

Tomasz Szczuraszek, Elżbieta Macioszek – Analysis of time intervals distribution between vehicles on the roadway around central island of small roundabouts


No. 4/2010

Mariusz Dąbrowski, Jan Małolepszy – Properties of concrete with slag-limestone cement

Janusz Hołowaty –  Numerical method for live load distribution in road bridges

Czesław Machelski – Changes of a radius of curvature of a soil-steel shell bridge during construction

Piotr Radziszewski, Jerzy Piłat, Andrzej Plewa, Jan Król – Structure of asphalt pavements with use of aggregate from glacier deposits

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