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No. 1-2/2011

The printed copy of the quarterly journal is the primary one.

Damian Bęben – Experimental tests of railway culvert made from corrugated plates under service loads using interferometric radar

Adam Krasiński – Field investigations of screw displacement SDP piles and SDC columns

Marzena Kurpińska – Properties of concrete impregnated using epoxy composition

Dariusz Sybilski, Wojciech Bańkowski – Laboratory research and full scale testing of high modulus asphalt concrete in road pavement

Jacek Szelążek, Piotr Gutkiewicz, Sławomir Mackiewicz – Ultrasonic testing of stresses with longitudinal wave - experimental application to evaluate truss bridge

No. 3/2011

The printed copy of the quarterly journal is the primary one.

Damian Bęben, Arkadiusz Mordak, Wojciech Anigacz – Application of the GPR technique for determination of bridge beams parameters

Daria Jóźwiak-Niedźwiedzka, Karolina Gibas, Michał A. Glinicki, Grzegorz Nowowiejski – Influence of high calcium fly ash on permeability of concrete in respect to aggressive media

Jan-Erik Jonasson, Arne Retelius – Application of the maturity concept for assesment of development of compressive strength of concrete

Monika Podwórna, Marian Klasztorny – The influence of rail-vehicles’ properties on dynamic response of a beam bridge

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No. 4/2011

The printed copy of the quarterly journal is the primary one.

From the editor

Jarosław Górszczyk, Wanda Grzybowska – The use of FEM for thermal analyses of the asphalt pavement

Józef Judycki – Construction and calibration of fatigue cracking models of asphalt layers of road pavements in mechanistic - empirical method AASHTO 2004

Czesław Machelski – Stiffness of layered shells in soil-steel bridge structures

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