1, Instytutowa str.
03-302 Warsaw
phone +48 22 698 06 06
fax +48 22 814 50 28

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International Cooperation Division PDF Print E-mail

Head of Division
Anna Ledwolorz, M.Sc.
phone (+4822) 39 00 251
fax (+4822) 814 13 39
email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


 -  Coordinating process of projects’ motions financed with EU/foreign and supplemental
   Polish funds.
-  Complying with formal requirements of projects.
- Making records of projects financed with EU/foreign and supplemental Polish funds.
-  Reporting and projects’ administration – controlling of funds’ usage and preparing
   of financial reports.
-  The IBDiM information centre on international projects and projects financed with
   structural funds.
-  The IBDiM cooperation with international organizations (especially with the Forum
   of European National Highway Research Laboratories – FEHRL) and road and bridge trade
-  Coordinating process of taking part in international research projects and science networks.
-  Cooperation with the Polish Road Transport Technology Transport (PPTTD) and the Trade
   Contact Point (BPK) within participation the IBDiM in international research projects.
-  International delegations’ assistance.
-  Cooperation with Promotion Division within promotion activity.