1, Instytutowa str.
03-302 Warsaw
phone +48 22 698 06 06
fax +48 22 814 50 28

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Branch Center of Scientific, Technical and Economical Information PDF Print E-mail

Head of Branch
Elżbieta Danielewicz, M.Sc.
phone (+48 22) 39 00 140
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Branch Center of Scientific, Technical and Economical Information provides full information within the scope of a specific thematic circle. It supports the following areas: civil engineering, construction of roads and bridges, technology of road and bridge materials, road and bridge machines, geotechnics, traffic engineering, road and bridge economic issues.

The center’s tasks include:

• the collection, compilation, processing and sharing original, secondary and derivative information related to road and bridge issues,
• the dissemination and popularization of the achievements in science, technology and economics in the field of road and bridge engineering,
• fulfillment of the information needs in the field.

The center conducts:

• library activity,
• documentary activity,
• information activity,
• publishing activity,
• printing activity.