1, Instytutowa str.
03-302 Warsaw
phone +48 22 698 06 06
fax +48 22 814 50 28

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Road and Bridge Research Institute



The Road and Bridge Research Institute is the leading Polish research centre engaged in a broad spectrum of issues related to road infrastructure. With our research work, innovations, analyses and consultations we support development projects, modernization and repairs related to roads and bridges, and help introduce rational  road network management systems. We use modern diagnostic methods to check  the condition of roads and bridges. The institute also develops and implements  modern materials and advanced technologies for road and bridge construction.

 The Institute takes part in the work of numerous international organizations, such as:
FEHRL - Forum of European National Highway Research Laboratories, FERSI - Forum of European Road Safety Research Institutes, IABSE - International Association of Bridge Structure Engineering, RILEM - The International Union of Testing and Research Laboratories.

Thanks to the intensified international scientific contacts Road and Bridge Research Institute managed to join several research consortia working on projects within European Union 5th, 6th and 7th Framework Programme, EUREKA projects, COST actions.